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Silver Fern Healthcare, a mission-driven SaaS company offering solutions backed by 30 years of evidence-based research to better control and prevent chronic disease and to improve health outcomes, announced that it has upgraded the patient-facing content across its proven Behavior Diagnostic Platform to improve accessibility and meet readability guidelines.

With one-in-two adult Americans suffering from preventable, lifestyle-related chronic conditions, Silver Fern’s first-of-its-kind behavior diagnostic and decision support platform helps clinical care teams uncover and address the daily behaviors and the social, environmental, and behavioral health factors that directly impact a person’s ability to prevent or manage chronic disease. Silver Fern currently offers nearly two-dozen assessment modules and five disease programs: Type 2 Diabetes; Heart Failure; Hypertension; Prediabetes; and Healthy Lifestyle & Disease Prevention. Silver Fern also offers programs that address common issues with chronic disease management, such as medication adherence, and specially designed programs and custom modules such as long-COVID and vaccine hesitancy.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), provides extensive guidance on making written material clear and effective. The content across all of Silver Fern’s modules was updated to ensure improved readability and understanding in accordance with those guidelines.

“Our assessments are designed to help care teams meet individual patient needs, including helping care teams design treatment plans and materials that are accessible to patients,” said Garry Welch, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer. “Making our assessment content as clear and easy-to-read as possible is an important step toward a better overall experience for patients. And upgrading our content to ensure that it meets Medicaid’s readability guidelines will allow us to reach more patients, especially as more of our clients choose to deliver the assessment modules asynchronously and at scale as brief cell phone text or email surveys.”

In July 2021, Silver Fern commissioned a poll of a representative sample of 1,000 Americans and found that 97% of people are willing to spend time prior to doctor visits answering online surveys about their daily health habits if that information allows their provider to help them reach their health goals (e.g., lose weight, eat healthy, prevent or manage chronic disease). Silver Fern’s assessments can collect data from patients in-person, virtually, or on the phone with a member of the care team, or they can be distributed asynchronously via text, email, or online though a patient portal. Advanced and asynchronous distribution of the assessments allows in-person treatment time to focus on problem solving, solutioning, and planning with the patient.


Silver Fern Healthcare, a mission-driven Connecticut company, is making whole person care a reality, improving health outcomes, and lowering the cost of healthcare. Powered by 30+ years of behavior medicine and published, evidence-based research, Silver Fern’s first-of-its-kind behavior diagnostic and decision support platform enables clinicians and patients to identify and understand all the facets of a patient’s health and unlock those behaviors and psychosocial barriers that, until now, went unexplored and unaddressed. Silver Fern’s solutions have been proven to significantly increase engagement and achieve better health outcomes for patients. For more information, visit