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SoNE HEALTH Integrates Critical Health Information from Connie Connect Gateway to Optimize Patient Care and Outcomes

November 20, 2023 – Southern New England Healthcare Organization (SoNE HEALTH) is the first clinically integrated network to receive critical health information from Connie, Connecticut’s official Health Information Exchange.

“Three years ago, SoNE HEALTH embarked on a journey with Connie, the CT State HIE. As a clinically integrated network we understand and value the role of data integration in caring for patients. Our goal was to be a first mover in this market to connect to Connie and leverage the data it provides. Fairly quickly we were able to connect, obtain and utilize the data to support our patients and physicians. Getting the ADTs represents the next level in data enrichment for our organization and we are excited for how this data will further enhance patient care.” reports Lisa Trumble, President and CEO at SoNE HEALTH.

Health information received from Connie assists SoNE HEALTH clinicians and physicians in better coordinating patient care. Admit, Discharge and Transfer transactions, commonly referred to as ADTs, provide valuable clinical data for organizations managing patients in a variety of ways.

  • Using the information provided by Connie, SoNE HEALTH care managers will better understand when patients under their care have been in the hospital and/or are discharged to another facility. Receiving this critical data in a timely manner allows for faster interventions and encourages better patient outcomes by helping to reduce readmissions.
  • Clinical data in the ADT can be incorporated with claims data, that will then be able to provide the physician or others involved with a patient’s care, a 360-degree view of that patient.
  • Clinical data integrated into medical economics, or other systems, helps providers manage to metrics related to quality of care by providing the clinical information required as part of meeting the metric, streamlining integrated metric and standards reporting.

Jenn Searls, Connie Executive Director commented, “Our collaboration with SoNE HEALTH highlights the benefit of a robust statewide HIE in making healthcare delivery seamless and effective. Ensuring that all providers have equitable access to critical health information enhances the healthcare experience for everyone and improves patient outcomes. We are proud to support SoNE HEALTH.”

Contact: Lisa Farren, PCM
Director, Marketing and Communications