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Expansion of State’s Innovative Strategy to Lower Costs and Improve Patient Care

Southern New England Healthcare Organization (SoNE HEALTH), a clinically integrated network of community physicians and the physicians and hospital partners of Trinity Health Of New England, has joined the state health plan’s Network of Distinction, Comptroller Natalie Braswell announced Friday. SoNE HEALTH is the latest provider group to join the program, reflecting an ongoing commitment to value-based care delivery for hundreds of thousands of state employees, Connecticut Partnership Plan members, and their dependents. To be included in the Network of Distinction, providers like SoNE HEALTH agree to cover an entire procedure or course of treatment — from evaluation to recovery — at a fixed bundled cost. Participating providers must also meet strict patient quality criteria including low rates of infections, complications, and readmissions.

“By identifying providers offering superior care, and working with them directly to control costs, we are truly achieving a win-win in the health care marketplace,” said Comptroller Natalie Braswell. “I’m thrilled that SoNE HEALTH is joining the Network of Distinction program and applaud its commitment to changing the dynamics of how health care is delivered and paid for. With these kinds of partnerships, we can ensure the best possible experience for patients. Connecticut is fortunate to have expert medical institutions willing to innovate and establish our state as a leader in the health care
sector. I look forward to the program continuing to grow and improve in the future.”

By bundling services and costs together into episodes-of-care, the focus of care turns to how health is delivered both within and beyond the clinical environment, and providers are rewarded for achieving
the dual goals of better patient outcomes and sustained cost savings for Connecticut taxpayers. The state’s episodes-of-care program was launched in 2020 and is administered by Signify Health
(NYSE: SGFY) – a leading value-based care platform that leverages advanced analytics, technology, and nationwide healthcare provider networks. Signify Health is responsible for identifying, contracting
with, and supporting participating Network of Distinction providers with services, technology, and analytics, as well as securing fixed, episodes-of-care pricing with high-value network providers such as

“As a clinically integrated network focused on population health, SoNE HEALTH is a leader in value[1]based care. We strive to continually optimize the health outcomes of our patient populations while
maintaining affordability,” said Lisa Trumble, President and Chief Executive Officer at SoNE HEALTH. “From our earliest days, we have been dedicated to a collaborative approach to healthcare, working together with our network providers, health plans and employers to provide the best patient care for patients at an affordable cost. This partnership with the State of Connecticut Health plan
represents yet another step on the path from volume to value.”

With over 1,700 primary and specialty care physicians across Connecticut, SoNE HEALTH has chosen to participate in a wide variety of specialty-based episodes as part of the State’s program. Select SoNE
HEALTH providers rank among the top-performing for cost and quality as compared to their peers, qualifying them for Network of Distinction status, including:
● Lumbar Laminectomy – Bruce Chozick, MD; Hartford Orthopedic Surgeons; Howard Lantner, MD; Saint Francis Hospital; Stephen F. Calderon, MD, Trinity Health Of New England Medical Group
● Lumbar Spine Fusion – Bruce Chozick, MD; Saint Francis Hospital
● Coronary Angioplasty – Central Connecticut Cardiologists
● Knee Arthroscopy – Farmington Valley Orthopedic Associates
● Bariatric Surgery – Trinity Health Of New England Medical Group
● Gallbladder Surgery – Laureen Forgione-Rubino, MD
● Colonoscopy – Colon & Rectal Surgeons of Greater Hartford; Prime HealthCare; Trinity
Health Of New England Medical Group
● Upper GI Endoscopy – Connecticut Gastroenterology Associates; Prime HealthCare
● Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery – Trinity Health Of New England Medical Group
● Knee and Hip Replacement/Revision (when performed at Saint Francis Hospital) –Orthopaedics New England (John Keggi, MD), Hartford Orthopedic Surgeons (Chad Daniel, MD; Robert McAllister, MD), Advanced Orthopedics of New England (Brett Wasserlauf, MD; Daryle Ruark, MD; Matt Grosso, MD, Steven Schutzer, MD), Trinity Health Of New England Medical Group (Eric Silverstein, MD; Zachary Cavanaugh, MD)


The state’s episode-of-care program has been recognized as a national model. In late 2021, the state health plan became recognized by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an Advanced Alternative Payment Model (AAPM) for its episodes-of-care program. Currently, the state’s Network of Distinction, which will be renamed Providers of Distinction later this year, features nearly 200 providers and covers more than 20 unique episodes.
About the Office of the State Comptroller
Connecticut’s Office of the State Comptroller administers the health plan covering state and certain municipal workers, retirees, and their dependents, totaling over 220,000 lives. Comptroller Natalie

Braswell is focusing the efforts of the office on improving the quality of care, including access to preventive screenings, while simultaneously reducing costs. For more information, visit

About Southern New England Healthcare (SoNE HEALTH)
SoNE HEALTH is a clinically integrated network focused on population health. SoNE HEALTH is collaboration between the physicians and hospitals that cover Connecticut and Western
Massachusetts . The SoNE HEALTH network is comprised of 1,700+ primary and specialty care providers, the five Trinity Health Of New England Hospitals and nearly 200,000 covered patient

About Signify Health
Signify Health is a leading healthcare platform that leverages advanced analytics, technology, and nationwide healthcare provider networks to create and power value-based payment programs. Our mission is to transform how care is paid for and delivered so that people can enjoy more healthy, happy days at home. Our solutions support value-based payment programs by aligning financial
incentives around outcomes, providing tools to health plans and healthcare organizations designed to assess and manage risk and identify actionable opportunities for improved patient outcomes,
coordination and cost-savings. Through our platform, we coordinate what we believe is a holistic suite of clinical, social, and behavioral services to address an individual’s healthcare needs and
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