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Cronin has been designated as an Essential Employer in Connecticut.  As such, we were able to film two PSAs with Governor Lamont at our in-house studio — which complies with CDC guidelines. The space is very large with high ceilings and good ventilation — which allowed for easily maintaining 6’ social distance for a small crew.

Governor Ned Lamont: Stay Safe, Stay Home PSA –

We also worked with Connecticut celebrities to get the word out — to stay in.  They volunteered their time and notoriety to create messages with their iPhones. We sent them all a best-practices checklist for “user-generated” content, as well as a suggested script.  Both were ignored by many, but the end result was just what we hoped: nearly a dozen engaging videos that are running on TV, web and social properties – including this fun “mash-up.”

Connecticut Stay Safe, Stay Home PSA –

At Cronin and Off Leash Studios, we are using all the tools in our arsenal to keep the work flowing for our clients: from 2D/3D animation and motion graphics; to editorial services using sourced footage, user-generated content and stills (many of which we photograph ourselves); to radio; to drone footage (hundreds of feet in the air is about as socially distant as one can get!).

We are extremely proud of the work we are doing with Governor Lamont and his team to keep Connecticut and its residents safe and healthy in these extraordinary times.  And wherever you are while you read this blog, we hope you and the people you love stay safe and healthy, too.