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CT Science Center Thursday, February 24, 2022 6:00PM

Guests Include:

Dr. Gina Paige
Co-Founder & President, African Ancestry, Inc.

Join us for another fantastic, interactive discussion on some of today’s hottest topics led by our esteemed guest Dr. Gina Paige, Co-Founder & President of African Ancestry, Inc.. Our roots are the foundation of our family trees. They help define who we are and where we’re from so that we enhance the course of our futures. However, most African Americans are at a loss due to the breach in heritages and connections upon arrival of enslaved Africans to America more than 400 years ago. was created to help people of African descent pinpoint missing pieces of their identities using genetics. African Ancestry’s Co-founder, Dr. Paige explores the vital role that identity plays in the holistic wellness of Black people today and how genetics can be used as a tool to empower us through knowledge of self. In a lively, interactive exchange, Gina covers family trees, DNA, and cultural and historical nuances that provoke new thoughts on who we are in today’s America and the world.

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