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Strategic Initiatives to Advance Community Health Centers

Between the COVID-19 Pandemic, institutional racism, and the dangers of climate change, the past fifteen months have illustrated the vital role community health centers play.

Community Health Center, Inc. and its Weitzman Institute have helped health centers across the country address these challenges. We invite you to watch this short video to discover ways health centers across the country can become better equipped to serve the most vulnerable.


Daren Anderson, MD
Director, Weitzman Institute

April Joy Damian, PhD
Associate Director, Weitzman Institute

Kerry Bamrick, MBA
Executive Director, National Nurse Practitioner Residency & Fellowship Training Consortium

Elena Thomas Faulkner, MA
Chief Executive Officer,  National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement


Watch The Video Here


To learn more about additional programs from CHC and the Weitzman Institute contact:

Agi Erickson, MS
Director, Business & Partnership Development
ConferMED / Weitzman Institute