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Momentum has a new address, and it’s right next to the Connecticut River and Riverfront Recapture’s parks. You won’t want to miss the Party at the Pennant on Thursday, October 13, 2022. 

The Pennant is part of North Crossing, a transformative development featuring a mix of residential, parking, and retail buildings — combining historic Hartford charm with modern, contemporary design, and from The Pennant’s rooftop, unbeatable views of the Connecticut River. 

Take a preview tour of the building, enjoy great food and drinks and support Riverfront Recapture. Don’t wait — reserve your Big Mo’ sponsorship or purchase tickets today.

The Big Mo’ is Riverfront Recapture’s major annual fundraising event; it celebrates new and positive changes happening along the Connecticut River in Hartford and East Hartford. For information about sponsorships, contact Deborah Baker by email or at 860-713-3131 x326.