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Did you know that The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) has extensive program offerings for High School Students, Undergraduates, and TeachersIntegral to its mission to improve human health and to empower others on that journey, JAX has programming which supports scientists of all ages and at different stages in their careers, including teacher development.  JAX’s programs for high school, undergraduate students, and teachers actually predate the founding of The Jackson Laboratory by six years. Profiled below, this programming includes Academic Year Fellowships, our immersive Summer Student Program, JAX Summer Internship Program, and our innovative Teaching the Genome Generation for teachers.  While many of these programs are currently being run virtually, we will seek to bring them in-house again, as soon as possible.  Further, additional opportunities for internships at JAX can always be accessed through our careers portal.

Upcoming Events:

JAX Virtual High School Open House for students and teachers, on April 20.  This special online event will feature a mix of live and pre-recorded content covering several themes across the field of genetics, including the JAX Mighty Mice in Space project and COVID-19.

Second, JAX is excited to announce that on April 30 it will again be partnering with Southern Connecticut State University and BioPath  for a  Virtual Bioscience Career Forum, “Technology, Healthcare and Business: Collaborating to Improve Human Health.”  Our Chief of Presidential Initiatives Madeleine Braun will be participating as keynote speaker.