My Favorites

By Nan Price, Content Manager, MetroHartford Alliance

MetroHartford Alliance Web and Graphic Designer Louis Quinones enjoys being a creative contributor in our region.

Why Hartford?

LOUIS QUINONES: I was born and raised here. My parents came from Puerto Rico and moved to Connecticut and we’ve been here ever since. I haven’t really thought of moving anywhere else, either. Connecticut is a nice, small state. Pretty much everything I need is nearby.

What makes Hartford unique?

LOUIS: I think it’s that close-knit feeling. I like to do a lot of community-type events and gaming. Hartford has a great convention scene. It’s always fun seeing the same friendly faces year round who come into Hartford for an annual convention.

I live outside of Hartford and I like that I can easily get to our capitol city within 30 minutes. If I were to live in warmer parts like California, I could drive two or three hours and still be in the middle of nowhere.

There are also great things to do outdoors. Elizabeth Park in Hartford and West Hartford is by far one of my favorite places because I got married there at the Pond House Café. We look forward to returning every year on our anniversary and exploring the grounds with our six-month-old son.

What impact do you hope to make in the Hartford Region through the MHA?

LOUIS: The main draw was being able to represent the MHA brands and help make their story more apparent, stronger, and better to tell. I enjoy doing that for all types of companies, helping them figure their dream and their vision. And Hartford has a ton of that, whether it’s a bakery opening downtown or an insurance company or a startup getting into the next big thing with augmented reality or virtual reality.

I like being on the front-facing side, it keeps my creativity going and fuels me. The MHA lets me do that because it has so many different initiatives that are reaching out and making a difference in the Hartford Region.

How else do you tell the Hartford story?

LOUIS: I think the most important thing is to focus on doing what you enjoy and becoming really good at it. When people see that talent, they see that excellence, then they can’t help but to notice. If we have all sorts of businesses doing that—focusing on what they do well—then they’ll draw interest from the outside and amplify the voices that represent all the good things happening here in our region.