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Despite federal trend, the Northeast saw a 12% increase according to a Delta Dental poll

Glastonbury, CT — Feb. 26, 2024 — The easing of U.S. inflation has reached the Tooth Fairy, according to the new Delta Dental 2024 Original Tooth Fairy Poll®. The average value of a single lost tooth during the past year declined by 6% from $6.23 to $5.84. This represents the first year-over-year decline in Tooth Fairy giving in five years. Despite these reductions nationally, the Northeast saw a 12% increase from $6.14 to $6.87.

“It’s no surprise that the price of a tooth in the Northeast continues to increase, despite the national trend,” said Randy Stodard, Chief Marketing Officer of Delta Dental of Connecticut. “Here in Connecticut, we place a premium on oral health and the Tooth Fairy rewards children for their commitment and diligence. As the glittering ambassador of childhood smiles, the Tooth Fairy reminds us that good oral health is no fairy tale. Healthy habits begin with baby teeth, and the sparkle of a shiny coin is but a small reward for a lifetime of radiant smiles.”

While the loss of a first tooth typically commands a premium, the poll also found the Tooth Fairy is minding her pennies in celebration of this milestone with the average value dropping from $7.29 to $7.09 over the past year.

The worth of a lost tooth and the economy 

Historically, the Original Tooth Fairy Poll® has typically mirrored the economy’s overall direction, tracking with the trends of Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500). However, in 2023, the value of a lost tooth went in a different direction, and it continues in 2024. The average value of a single lost tooth decreased 6% over the past year, while the S&P 500 experienced a 20% increase during the same period.

U.S. regional ranking for the average value of a lost tooth 

  1. West ($8.54): Surged ahead of the pack to lead U.S. regions with the highest monetary gift for a lost tooth, marking a 37% increase since last year’s results.
  2. Northeast ($6.87): Increased 12% and surpassed the national average by more than $1.00.
  3. South ($5.51): Dropped below the national average, after leading last year with $6.59 for a lost tooth.
  4. Midwest ($3.63): Significantly trailed the national average with a 36% drop, returning close to its 2021 average of $3.66.

“Delta Dental has tracked U.S. Tooth Fairy giving trends for 26 years as a timely way to spotlight the importance of children’s oral health,” said Gabriella Ferroni, Senior Director, Strategic Communications, Delta Dental Plans Association. “It is not a surprise to see she tightened her purse strings following last year’s record high.”


About the poll 

The Original Tooth Fairy Poll® was conducted between Jan. 3, 2024 and Jan. 17, 2024, among 1,000 parents of children ages 6 to 12. The margin of error is +/- 3%.

The January 2023 S&P 500 average was 3,942 and increased to an average of 4,746 for January 2024, consistent with the timing of the Original Tooth Fairy Poll®.

For more information about the Delta Dental-sponsored survey and oral health tips for infants to pre-teen, visit the Original Tooth Fairy Poll®.


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