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Wednesdays with Woodward

February 2, 2022 | 1:00-2:00pm ET

Johnson & Johnson Executive Vice President and CFO Joe Wolk will share an inside look into how the company navigates evolving marketplace dynamics and other global trends while also successfully investing in a pipeline of innovation and key commercial platforms to drive growth and elevate the global standard of care.

Presented by the Travelers Institute and the MetroHartford Alliance.


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What was it like behind the scenes in the race to develop a lifesaving vaccine during the worst global pandemic in a century? How is the world’s largest healthcare company preparing for the next Covid variant, and the next pandemic? Johnson & Johnson CFO Joe Wolk joins Travelers Institute President Joan Woodward to talk about COVID-19 vaccines, the importance of investing in the future, supply chain safety, drug pricing and how tax policy can make – or break – the next lifesaving drug or vaccine.

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