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On July 25th, 2022, Unitex, the nations largest family-owned uniform and linen rental industry service provider, will be celebrating their 100 year anniversary.   Since the company was first registered for business, by the current generations  great grandfather, Max Potack, Unitex has grown to become the preeminent healthcare laundry service provider in the nation, serving over 7,000 customers of varying size and specialty.  To commemorate this milestone Unitex will be holding a company-wide “Founders Day” event across all of their 13 facilities, two of which are in Hartford, and will include all of their over 1,900 team members!

Said president David Potack, “A hundred years ago my great grandfather Max Potack took over the company he had been working at since 1915 from his two uncles. At that time, the company had a different name—A&P Coat and Apron Supply Inc.—and was located in Brooklyn, NY making deliveries by horse and wagon to primarily food service establishments. The company moved from Brooklyn to the Bronx in 1947, gradually transitioning to laundry services under the name Cromwell Laundry. It wasn’t until 1962 that the name “Unitex Textile Rental Services” was introduced with the increase in long-term care and community hospital customers. This is the beginning of the expansion into healthcare laundry services that has grown to 13 plants throughout the Northeast today”

On July 25th, Unitex will recognize all of their all past and present employees and thank them all for their integral role every single day, in helping to contribute to the longevity and success of Unitex.