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Upward’s downtown office and co-working hub announced that its 34,000 square foot workspace within the Stilts Building will convert to meet social distancing guidelines for companies soon returning to work outside of the home.

In addition to their 29 private offices and open co-working space, Upward @ 20 Church is transforming many of their meeting and training spaces to serve as spacious offices with flexible terms for local companies and corporate teams seeking transitional, satellite, or overflow workspace upon lifted lockdown restrictions later this month. 

“The future of work is flex, and we are here to serve the fast-changing needs of our community partners ” said Upward Director of Operations Samantha Wanagel. “Now that company leaders are being forced to discover options as they solve multiple operational complexities, our facility’s unique offerings will prove more strategic than ever. Upward is an immediate solution, offering flexible terms and safe working conditions for those who need breathing room in order to make sense of their permanent workplace landscape”. 

Upward’s new private rooms, ranging from 600-1,200 SF, come fully furnished, with WiFi and all other community amenities included. Many of these rooms, located on both the Mezzanine and 17th floor, boast natural sunlight and offer sweeping views of downtown Hartford.  

The main co-working space is being reconfigured to offer a safe distance of 6 feet between members. Upward is the first workspace in the region to announce an optional dedicated desk upgrade for its full-time members previously working on a “flex desk” basis.

The facility’s pre-existing smaller offices can serve as productive and safe workspaces for individual employees or teams looking for offices in a side by side setting. Directional signage throughout the facility will promote safe distances between members in common spaces, including stairwells and cafe areas. Seating throughout the space will be thoughtfully redesigned to encourage collaboration, but at a safe 6 foot distance. As done prior to the pandemic, professional cleaning will continue on a nightly basis, with a heightened focus on contact points such as door handles, stair railings, coffee machines, elevator buttons, and other commonly touched areas within open and private spaces.

“Luckily, the vastness of our co-working space naturally lends itself to proper separation within a shared environment. Our goal is to ensure all members’ confidence and peace of mind upon returning to work, regardless if they are occupying our private office spaces or getting back to business from the open workspace,” said Wanagel.

Upward is also looking ahead to piloting the technologies of its next cohort of smart building and aged care startup companies upon Connecticut’s phased return-to-work period.

“Upward Labs’ next group of PropTech companies will employ targeted solutions around wellness, safety and air filtration technologies,” said Shana Schlossberg, Founder and CEO of Upward. “Our workspace will be among the first in the state to pilot this technology, which will give our members and partners peace of mind when working and collaborating at Upward.” 

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