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USJ’s Women’s Leadership Center Presents

Innovative Leadership in a Changing Workplace

The Women’s Leadership Center (WLC) at the University of Saint Joseph was founded in 2016 to celebrate the legacy of women leaders throughout the University’s history. Its current mission is to develop and inspire effective women leaders across the state of Connecticut.

As we emerge from the worldwide pandemic, we recognize that the nature of work has changed. In response to today’s dynamic employment landscape, we are pleased to launch the WLC 2022-2023 series, Innovative Leadership in a Changing Workplace. This series, sponsored by The Hartford, will focus on evolving work decisions faced by leaders across all industries regarding remote and in-person work.

Upcoming Series Programs:

    • Team Leadership in a Remote Workplace – Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023
    • Professional Growth and Networking in a Virtual World – Wednesday, April 19, 2023

“This series was created for leaders throughout Greater Hartford as they tackle new developments in the workforce, including remote-only employees, in-person and virtual teams, and effective networking across their fields,” according to WLC Executive Director Melanie Sinche.