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Our Get Up Get Out and Explore CT Municipalities series, where we spotlight local cities and towns throughout Connecticut, continues with the Town of South Windsor. We encourage you to get up, get out, and explore new places and things to do that help support our region.

The Town of South Windsor offers a blend of gracious residential living, a thriving commercial community, and an expanding high-tech industrial base.

The town was founded by English settlers in 1633 as part of Windsor and, in 1845, incorporated as a separate municipality. Throughout much of its history, South Windsor has been characterized by agriculture, resulting from fertile land and abundant water resources.

Getting Around

Situated just northeast of Hartford, South Windsor occupies 28.5 square miles bordered by East Windsor and Ellington to the north, Vernon to the east, Manchester and East Hartford to the south, and the Connecticut River to the west. The town is approximately equidistant from New York City and Boston and 20 miles from Springfield, MA, ample travel and transportation options are available for town residents. South Windsor is also minutes from Bradley International Airport by interstate highway. Freight rail lines connect the town with the entire northeast corridor and a well-developed highway network speeds travel to anywhere in the eastern United States and Canada.

Supporting the Business Community

South Windsor is very focused on its business community needs. Town employees have been trained in Total Quality Management and strive to meet businesses needs for timely inspections and permit reviews by facilitating pre-constructions meetings and streamlined approval processes. The town offers tax abatements for business expansions, is willing to cooperate in Tax Increment Financing options and infrastructure improvements.

Comfortable Standard Of Living, Vibrant Quality Of Life

The South Windsor Department of Human Services is a multi-generation service agency incorporating youth, adult, and senior services. The mission is to enable South Windsor residents to achieve and maintain personal and social well-being by providing a variety of services, programs, and resources that are both proactive and responsive to the community’s needs.

Adult and Senior Services Division

The Adult and Senior Services Division responds to the economic, social, and emotional needs of the adult and older citizens of South Windsor by providing social service delivery, senior center programming, outreach, and other supportive services.

The South Windsor Senior Center is proud to be designated as a Community Focal Point for Aging Services by the North Central Area Agency on Aging, Inc. (NCAAA). The Center is committed to continuing its role as a visible, recognized place where community members can find information and gain access to a full range of aging services. Programs include educational, wellness, fitness, social, and trip offerings. Staff makes home visits and provides information on services to assist people in staying home as long as possible.

Youth and Family Services Division

The Youth and Family Services Division enables South Windsor youth and families to achieve and maintain personal and social well-being by providing emotional support, helping to develop essential life skills and creating a greater sense of community.

The town’s teen center has been providing safe, supervised and substance-free fun for youth for more than 30 years and is the one of the longest operating teen center in the state.

South Windsor Parks and Recreation Division 

The South Windsor Parks and Recreation department is committed to enhancing our community through quality recreation programs and parks that provide exceptional experiences.  Our department offers over 400 recreational programs and events each year for our community to participate in as we feel it’s important to keep our residents active and engaged. Our parks and open space are also beautifully maintained as we know the outdoors are essential to our health, well-being, and our community. We hope that members of our community have experienced at least one of our parks and programs over the years.

Town of South Windsor Accolades

  • The Town of South Windsor was listed as #38 in MONEY Magazine’s List of America’s Best Small Towns “Best Places to Live 2011.”
  • In 2020, South Windsor was ranked #12 in MONEY Magazine’ Best Places To Live In The Nation and was one of two communities to be named to the list.
  • Based upon a survey of towns conducted by a local Member, Appraisal Institute, the Town of South Windsor 2020 Grand List had an overall increase of 3.64% in assessed value, which was 2.0% more than other towns in Connecticut, which didn’t complete a revaluation in 2020.
  • South Windsor also received the Government Finance Officers Association’s (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Presentation Award in 2020 as well as the GFOA Award for Financial Reporting in fiscal year 2019 – 2020.
The Town of South Windsor was incorporated as a separate municipality from Windsor in 1845.
The South Windsor Historical Society.
The South Windsor Teen Center Youth Council held a food drive to benefit the local food bank.