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Box 8 is a full-service creative agency dedicated to building powerful brands within the hospitality industry.

Branding | Collateral | Content

At Box 8, we don’t just create logos. We create experiences. From sketch to screen, we think about the full visual impact of our clients’ brands both inside and out, in print and online.

A passionate team of food-crazed, beer-obsessed, dog-loving individuals, Box 8 shares one common goal: to produce the best possible visual identity for our clients.


Good brands get you talking. Great brands leave you speechless.



Design is intensely personal. Whether you’re launching a new project or refreshing an existent one, your visual identity should embody the very essence of your business—from the attitude it portrays to the values it upholds. At Box 8, our approach is simple: through comprehensive research and strategic implementation, we aim to tell your story in the most authentic way possible.


No matter the brand, collateral helps put a face to the name. While remaining consistent in design and true to your mission, we provide endless opportunities to effectively represent your business out in the real world. From environmental signage to product packaging, we apply your unique visual identity to the tangible elements of your brand in a way that communicates and resonates with your target audience.


Not only should your website captivate and engage your viewers, but it should also bring your brand to life by catering to the unique needs and objectives of your business. In addition to our tailor-made sites, we offer third-party web services that are equally capable of conveying who you are and what you do. With user experience always at the forefront of our minds, we optimize our fully-responsive, mobile-friendly platforms for maximum performance across all digital channels.


From photographers to copywriters, we collaborate with a talented team of individuals who work hard to bring your brand to the next level. At Box 8, we believe that quality content such as professional photography, video motion graphics and detailed copywriting aren’t just the bells and whistles to an established brand system. Instead, they’re a necessary part of telling your story in both a visual and verbal way.


Much like our research and brand development process, our detailed social media audits are a result of thorough exploration and analysis of your business. Whether you are in need of a simple consultation, basic online management, or a more immersive approach to on-going creative direction and support, our social media marketing packages are tailored to meet your specific needs.