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The Connecticut Irish-American Heritage Trail

The Irish experience has had a profound impact on Connecticut’s past, and its narrative spans all periods of the state’s history and touches every one of its eight counties and 169 towns. Irish immigrants and Irish-Americans have been involved in the settlement, defense, and development of our state since well before the Revolutionary War.

CT Irish History documents the Irish Diaspora in Connecticut while encouraging visitors to explore over one hundred historical sites, events, and organizations related to Connecticut’s Irish population and its rich history.

It was made possible by a grant from the Government of Ireland, as well as support from the Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office.

You can explore Irish history in our state along the Irish Heritage Trail.

Learn the fascinating History of the Irish in Connecticut.

But it’s not just the past, the Irish connection is the future, too! The Ireland-Connecticut Business Council facilitates friendship and connections that will promote economic development, trade, and business opportunities between Ireland and Connecticut.

CT Irish History is sponsored in part by the CT State Historic Preservation Office, from the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development.