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Provides Comprehensive Suite of Innovative, Science-Backed Solutions for Individuals to Stay Healthy, Prevent Disease, and Self-Manage their Chronic Conditions

 Works with Organizations to Eliminate Redundancies, Reduce the Operational Burden, and Improve the Efficacy of their Benefit Offerings Addresses Employees’ Unmet Health Needs with Personal Support and Customized Solutions to Create Lasting Positive Change


WellSpark Health (“WellSpark” or the “Company”), a leading wellbeing, disease prevention, and management company, today announced it is helping employers in the public and private sectors improve the health of their organization and their people with customized, innovative solutions for the modern workforce.


With an emphasis on engagement and personalized support, WellSpark works directly alongside a company’s employees to help them understand and solve the issues – biological, psychological, and social – impacting their health and wellness. WellSpark’s health advisors and trained professionals are equipped with powerful, proven, and proprietary tools based on science that has been NIH-funded, peer-reviewed by the nation’s leading health care experts, and validated.


Each employee’s health needs and conditions are as unique as they are, so WellSpark identifies the particular lifestyle and environmental barriers preventing the individual from embracing behaviors that would improve and sustain their health. In turn, these total health improvements can help to mitigate future health care costs, increase employee engagement and satisfaction, and decrease absenteeism.


“WellSpark was created to address employees’ unmet health needs and help employers manage the business issues associated with the health of their workforce,” said Roberta Wachtelhausen, President of WellSpark. “The off-the-shelf wellbeing programs employers have used for years have had limited success, and WellSpark represents a compelling alternative to the fragmented, unengaging, and underutilized benefit offerings traditionally found at most companies. Our comprehensive approach addresses the biological, psychological, and social issues employees face using powerful preventative care tools and talented health advisors to unlock meaningful results.”


WellSpark works with employers to custom design comprehensive total health programs that can be delivered in-person, telephonically, and virtually, depending on the unique culture and structure of each organization. With solutions that are both scalable and modular, employees receive the support that is tailored to fit their needs, increasing their likelihood of successfully staying healthy, preventing disease, or self-managing their chronic condition.


Wachtelhausen continued, “COVID-19 has provided a stark reminder of how many are still struggling to prevent and manage chronic disease, and the health ramifications that these conditions have. With the pandemic putting an additional physical and mental strain on the American workforce, supporting and caring for the total health of your employee population is more important than ever. At WellSpark, we understand the modern dynamics of today’s workforce – the physical and emotional stressors that often impede a person’s ability or desire to get or stay on a healthy path – and leverage this fundamental insight to create enduring health improvements.”


WellSpark currently provides wellbeing solutions to a range of public and private employers. Of note, is the company’s successful diabetes prevention program – with both group and individual coaching – for transportation workers in the State of Connecticut to sustainably change behavior and improve health literacy. The results exceeded national averages of traditional CDC Programs for a range of relevant metrics, including participant engagement, average weight loss and reduced A1c levels.


Based in Connecticut, WellSpark is part of the EmblemHealth family of companies and serves employers throughout the United States. For more information, visit


About WellSpark

WellSpark Health, a leading wellbeing, disease prevention and management company, delivers a full suite of customized programs designed to support the modern workforce in achieving their personal well. Working with WellSpark, employers create a culture of health motivating employees to engagement and enduring change. This ultimately leads to mitigating future healthcare costs, improving productivity and engagement, and reducing absenteeism. Based in Connecticut, WellSpark serves public and private sector employers throughout the United States. WellSpark is part of the EmblemHealth family of companies. For more information, visit