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As many of us work to appropriately practice “Social Distancing,” the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on our children is at the forefront of every parent’s mind. Social Distancing is the opposite of what is appropriate for the social/emotional development of young children. Young children develop social skills and learn how to manage their emotions by interacting with others, so how can YWCA Hartford Region help support families?

YWCA Hartford Region is pleased to announce the launch of “Kids Corner,” a dedicated online resource for fun and educational activities for young children. Kids learn best through hands-on experiences. So, while public schools and early learning centers are closed, YWCA Hartford Region will regularly post activities parents can do to engage children at home.

The activities on the Kids Corner web page are curated by Jill Marini, Director of YWCA Hartford Region’s Early Learning and School-Age Programs. Each activity includes learning objectives that correlate to a particular skill. Assignments use everyday materials that parents may have on hand at home with a link to other fun and creative projects.

To check out YWCA Hartford Region’s Kids Corner, visit