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Who has access to free membership

Membership Types

HYPE offers three ways to become a member: Company, Municipal and Individual. All members receive the weekly HYPE email newsletter and are eligible for the member price to all HYPE and MetroHartford Alliance events.

  1. Company Sponsored Membership
    More than 100 companies in the Hartford Region offer membership to their employees at no personal cost as an employee benefit. A complete list of participating companies is available in a drop down field on the Company Sponsored HYPE Registration Form. 
  2. Municipal Sponsored Membership
    Many municipal employees are eligible for HYPE membership at no personal cost. A complete list of participating cities and towns is available in a drop down field on the Municipal Sponsored Membership Registration Form.
  3. Individual Membership
    Individual Membership is available for those not employed by a participating company or municipality. The annual fee is $40 (prorated based on the quarter in which you join). All individual HYPE Memberships are based on a calendar year and due for renewal on January 1. The HYPE Individual Membership Registration Form can be found on the MetroHartford Alliance website. 


Looking to educate your team about HYPE and the membership benefits we provide? 

Schedule a Kick-Off Meeting with the HYPE Team! 

HYPE will curate an experience to cater to your organization’s needs like:  

  • General HYPE Overview 
  • Networking 101  
  • Social Media Brand Awareness
  • Community Engagement  

We host a plethora of unique workshops to cater to:  

  • HR Directors 
  • Employees 
  • New hires 
  • Interns 


Y (WHY) 

HYPE opens the door to opportunitfor young professionals in the Hartford region. With over 80 programs, meetings, and events to choose from, HYPE engages and connects individuals spanning from a variety of ages, career experience, and industries!  


Professional Development

To discover HYPE event offerings, visit our event calendar 

  • Have an event idea? For potential event collaborations, reach out to the HYPE Team!  



Join a HYPE Committee 

  • For HYPE members that wish to get further involved, HYPE’s 4 volunteer committees allow for member voices to be heard.  
  • Interested in joining a committee, check them out here 



Don’t be shy! Dive in to all that HYPE has to offer to its area young professionals!  


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Interested in promoting an upcoming event, community engagement opportunity or other? Blog with us! 

  • The HYPE blog is a benefit reserved for HYPE Members and MetroHartford Alliance Investors. HYPE is always looking to publish exciting features showcasing our community partners and their endeavors which support the vitality of the Hartford Region.  




We don’t bite… Contact Mia or Kim for all the HYPE buzz. 

We hope to connect with you soon!